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Virtual Events

In response to the past COVID-19 social distancing guidelines and venue closures, GPM encouraged event hosts to use online meeting facilities such as Zoom, used by ExCom to continue the monthly ExCom meeting. We now have two weekly virtual events described below. The time limit on Zoom meetings scheduled with a free Zoom account is 40 minutes. We have a paid account and there is no limit.

You may connect to the links shown in the virtual meeting description below or in the GPM Live Web Calendar at any time to get setup although the host will not be there to welcome you until just before the start. You will be prompted through the process of adding the Zoom app to your device. At the end of that process you will be taken to the meeting automatically where a prompt to enter your name will pop up and you can click on "Join Meeting." You will have a preview of your own video in the window that opens and then you will be asked to join audio, video or both. Controls will appear at the bottom of the window with a touch or mouseover.

If you are interested in creating your own virtual event, contact
GPM Webmaster for more information or answers to your questions.

Virtual Idea Exchange

Every Sunday at 6:00 PM
ME/P - VIRTUAL IDEA EXCHANGE discussion group. You may propose anything of interest to you. We discuss the topic(s) of most interest. A book, movie, news item, TV report, idea - ANY TOPIC of your choice. Join Zoom Meeting
https://zoom.us/j/98746944030?pwd=ZTJlYnhNK2ZuMENxVG1TcXI0WmVnUT09 Pete Costantino, pete@usa1944.com,  will run this meeting. Audio and Video required for participation. Contact: Jim Delton, jimntempe@yahoo.com. Feel free to email Pete (cc Jim) with your proposed topics.

General Guidelines for how the Virtual Idea Exchange Meetings operate
There is a moderator to keep the discussion organized.  With the Zoom meeting format this has become particularly important because more than one person talking makes it impossible for anyone to be heard.
When there are new folks who have not attended before the moderator will ask each person (old and new) to give a short description of themselves: for example, what their field (if any) is, or a statement of what they are interested in, or what they did for a living, or etc. The meeting starts off with each person giving a short statement of what issue or topic or question they want to talk about. (But you don't have to have a topic. You can just pass.) The moderator keeps track of this. Then we all take a vote on each of the topics. This is done by raising your hand(s). You can raise one hand for one vote or two hands for two votes (or no hands for no votes). The moderator counts the votes for each topic. We then start with the topic that got the most votes. The person whose topic is up for discussion has five minutes to describe his topic and expand on it. After that, each person who has a comment on that topic has two minutes to give his two cents on the topic. You don't have to have a comment.

If you have a two-minute comment to make on the topic under discussion you raise your hand. (The person whose topic it is can also have his or her two minutes.)

The moderator will take note of that and also who raised their hands first, second, etc.

If you go over your two minutes the moderator will let you know and can give you a little more time if you wish to make a few more comments.
This process can continue until nobody has anything left to say on that topic. 
The next step is to start on the topic which got the second largest number of votes, with the process of commenting being repeated on this second topic as with the first.

As you can well imagine, this whole process can take a long time if there are many people, and just as many topics, and many comments on the topics.

However, you can leave the meeting anytime you want. While we start at 6 PM AZ time we sometimes have out-of-towners back east who are starting at 9 PM and have to bow out early.

After all topics are covered there is then a free-for-all open discussion on just about anything (including anything you forgot to say about the topics in the earlier discussion).

GPM Executive Committee Meeting

Second Sunday 2:00 PM
MO - EXCOM Phoenix Mensa Executive Committee meets, with LocSec David Sebesta presiding. GPM members are invited to attend. Location: Zoom Teleconference: https://zoom.us/j/92028884402?pwd=aThvSllVai9KQm02b0ZobWVYYXc4UT09. Any proposed addition to Excom's agenda must be received prior to the meeting at LocSec@phoenixmensa.org and be approved by Excom.

Mensa / Intertel Virtual Happy Hour

Every Saturday at 3:00 PM
ME/P - MENSA / INTERTEL VIRTUAL HAPPY HOUR - Even introverts get tired of being by themselves after a while! Are you getting tired of only talking to your pets? Connect virtually with other introverts on Zoom! Link up with us by clicking on the Zoom link.https://zoom.us/j/98231929964?pwd=NXByWDJEUmhtcmtSekZ5RmFiTGFXQT09  Use the Zoom app, or use Zoom in your browser, or use the audio on your smartphone. Just follow the links on "Join Zoom Meeting". If you don’t have one of the first 3 options, let the host know. Supposedly there is a way to do this on non-smart phones too. Audio and Video required for participation. BYOB - Bring Your Own Beverage, Owl - $ Contributions are in order, RSVP - Reservations should be made, contact Judy Herrmann, MensaDinner@gmail.com

GPM Ad-Hoc Virtual Meeting

You pick the time and date and simply share this link with whomever you want to be in the meeting.
Zoom Teleconference:
https://zoom.us/j/97590745955?pwd=aGpTUXh0OXpKbjZSVG1CWFYzemc1Zz09 Any questions on how to use this, contact webmaster@phoenixmensa.org

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