Welcome to Greater Phoenix Mensa

What's all this about Mensa?

Mensa was created to figure out what intelligence is, what to do with it for the benefit of humanity, and to feed the minds and the spirits of its members intellectually and socially.
Local Groups like ours carry on that tradition ... we meet and talk and discuss and make and do things that help identify and foster intelligence, whatever form it takes ... creating stimulating intellectual and social environments that, let it be said, are frequently well fed and agreeably lubricated.
And at a higher level, all of Mensa is deeply, hands-on involved with programs for gifted children, literacy, and scholarships.
So. Come for the brightness. Come for the parties. Come for the outrageous humor. Come for the outreach and humanity. Whatever floats your boat, GPM has it for you.

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Wondering About Mensa?

American Mensa is an organization for smart people like you. Our ONLY criterion for membership is that you score in the top two percent on any one of many accepted, standardized intelligence tests or on the Mensa Test itself. HERE is the link to go see some of the qualifying scores.

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In fact, the only RG in the Southwest for the rest of 2014! (ThanksgivingWeekend -- and our November weather is super!)
From the opening Feast to the closing Banquet ... four tracks of programs, shows, games and parties to keep you busy all weekend... including a really cool Kids’ Track, so you can bring your little ones!
Click HERE for our 2014 RG Website, and complete information about all the excitement!
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For Members

So much going on! New Special Interest Groups (SIGs) ... new activities ... new opportunities for you to start and build activities and events!
Keep in touch through our newsletter, MAAM OnLine (Much Ado About Mensa) ... through the always-up-to-date GPM Live Web Calendar ... through MeetUp online and our regular e-Updates!
The latest issue of MAAM OnLine is linked HERE. You can also see back issues there.
Non-members may see a sample issue of MAAM, just click HERE.
Mensa Members have exclusive access to the GPM Member site linked HERE.

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Application season opens for Mensa Foundation scholarships

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Attention, college-bound Mensans, dependents and friends: The Mensa Foundation's scholarship application season opens Sept. 15 and will run through Jan. 15, 2015. The scholarship program bases its awards solely on essays written by the applicants. Both members and non-members may apply using our streamlined online process. For more information and to apply, visit mensafoundation.org/scholarships.
Your donation to the Mensa Foundation helps fund this program and many others. Give today at mensafoundation.org/donate.


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